Silent Garden

Nothing ever got me,
Nothing ever took me,
But the strings of the violin while the worm knitted
its refuge to metamorphose.

The project is based on extracting the essence of poetry kept in nature
nature poems

The silk worm, an insect capable to create it's own space to become a butterfly.
Throught it's own fluids, building a perfect organic refuge to live its metamorphosis.

A white path to get lost stepping on crystalline minerals, hearing it's sound, it's brilliance to discover an  undefined volume behind the mist.

The project consists on the creation of a space that invites to be penetrated.
A silk garden, emerges from the earth as a chrysalis, a white luminous vault creates an inner space surrounded by nature.

A refuge for living creatures, space of light, nature sounds, echoes that
empty the space, while the individual approaches, finding himself in this inner-space.
Facing himself with basic elements of nature, water, minerals, housed by a silk skin, where flying creatures live.

The confrontation of man with nature, too close but too far.

The project reflects about the relations of the individual with his utopian space, his relation with nature and his natural and built environment.

The historic search of man to find a refuge to exist, multiple layers of silk thread, an epidermis made by an insect, a material with strong symbolism, a natural source as important part of eastern culture, its origin, layers that hide, expose and reveal multiple reflections of the human interior.

Macro and micro cosmos, participating on the same poetic, sound visual and literary architectures, proposing to open new ways to establish a dialogue between human and nature through space.

As an analogy of life, the chrysalis works as a space to metamorphose.


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