Shuliavska (Ukrainian: Шулявська) is a station on Kiev Metro's Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line. The station was opened on November 5, 1963, and is named after Kiev's Shuliavka neighbourhood. It was designed by A.V. Dobrovolskyi, B.I. Pryimak, A.I. Malynovskyi, and A.I. Cherkasskyi. The station was formerly known as the Zavod Bolshevik station (Ukrainian: Завод "Більшовик").

The station has been laid deep underground due to problems with water isolation during its construction. It consists of a central hall with rows of columns near the platforms. The columns are covered with glazed tiles, consisting of rows of different coloured tiles. The entrance to the station is located on the corner of the Peremohy Prospekt (Victory Avenue) and the Dovzhenko Street.


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