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Pedini Cucine is an Italian company that manufactures and exports high quality kitchens all over the world. Its ongoing development required the extension of production and the construction of a large showroom adjacent to the manufacture that should identify the Pedini style. For this reason it has been entrusted to Studio Tomassini the plant expansion and the realization of the new showroom who will house two floors of exhibition for customers and dealers from around the world.
The expansion consists of a structure of 7,500 square meters where will be installed technologically advanced machinery for the production of the Pedini kitchens.
The most striking feature of the whole project is that of finding a near-total minimalism, expressed by a massive use of white, especially in the building almost blends exhibit the various elements together, transforming the space into a virtually unique immaculate to emphasize the elegance and purity of the Pedini style.
The showroom is spread over two floors of 400 square meters each and is located on the main front, facing the highway Fano-Grosseto.
Externally it is made of prefabricated structure, as for the plant, with stripe windows on the upper floor and full height glazing along the perimeter of the ground floor.
On the front of the main facade elements in alucobond material in "L" shape have been applied from the front up to the level of the windows located on the ground floor to create a corridor in front of these.
These panels, which act as sunscreens for the protection of the vertical windows, are designed to stimulate a surprise effect as we approach race from the sides at the front of the showroom, creating a volume that mask and revealing, while it reaches the entry and the exhibition, the object of desire: Pedini kitchens.
Upstairs, the strip windows are "cut" in horizontal shading elements, having inside strips of LED lights that highlight the sign at night; while at the ground floor two rows of LED lights are always a sort of fence that borders and highlights the technological input.
The floor of the showroom is situated at an altitude higher than that of the forecourt and the entrance is reached via a wide staircase with travertine steps that intersect each other, creating a cascade of squares.
At the sides of the scale, to the same frame, are found for each tread of step cubic volumetric that demarcate the descent in which are inserted marker night.
Entering through a floor of wooden slats in Garapa and passing through a glass door at all, you can go inside, where you are in an area completely candid.
The choice of white comes from the need to ensure a space as neutral as possible, to accommodate the kitchens in their various shades, making them the protagonists of the exhibition space.
At the center of the showroom, at a lower level than the floor is the lounge area where customers and host retailers Pedini, bounded and protected volumes that refer to the topic also white on the outer scale.
The floor above this court is holed up inside the cover where there is a large skylight that illuminates the space center from sky to earth.
The upper floor is then supported by four profiles IPE iron beams pillars that supports many of the same material, to form a hoop, which supports the structure above.
The flooring of the interior is white resin while the underground floor is in wide planks of wood, evocative of the nature of Pedini kitchens.
On the same floor of the showroom is the bathroom, completely black, contrasting with the icy white of the exhibition space. On the walls there is a ceramic coating textured embossed crocodile skin and black resin on the floor. The main fixture is suspended in a small crystal balls.
The way is to make this environment a lush little black box, in contrast with the sober neutral exhibition space blank.
Climbing the stairway to the upper floor, the first steps resume the thread of the minimalist cube, while the rest of the scale consists of rectangular black enameled iron polished elements, mounted directly upon the wall.
The parapet is constituted of a glass plate that extends over the entire height of the ground floor and is connected to the railing of the stairs, located on the upper floor, also made of glass.
Upstairs, the space is completely white and completely empty, except for the railing glass that protects the hole in the floor in the middle.
From the windows you can see elements external sunscreens that cut the view outer bands of the hilly landscape.


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