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The Project Details: Before we were involved in the project, the layout and plan of the building was already decided on, by the Liaisoning Architects namely Virendra Khare & Associates. They were involved with getting the sanctions from the local building authorities. We studied the plans and realized that there were no connections or interactions between the various levels, as we would have desired. The volumes were not integrated, so we proposed a large triple height void to connect the first three levels which contained the showroom. This openness would provide for visually integrating the showroom levels and bring adequate natural light into the interiors. The Site: It is a street abuzz with activity, a busy square, there is a college, a hotel, lots of small shops along the square but everything looks like it hasn’t been touched in the last few decades. In the midst of all this chaos, sitting 4 storeys tall is the main wheel which seems to be the central hub of all these activities where every lady comes in with a dream in her eyes, here she forgets her family problems, her day to day mundane existence, and is transported to another fantasy-world where she becomes the queen of all she sees, attendants pander to her every whim and fancy. Description Right from time immemorial as long back as the Indus valley civilization, Indian women have worn jewellery with pride to set them apart from their counterparts across the globe, the rich ones worn a little heavier sets ; the poorer ones a little lighter, it is tradition. This tradition then gets handed down the generations so that it never leaves the family. In ancient Indian villages too, the goldsmith always sat in the all important seat in the village square or chauraha as it was called. Indian tradition also says that, 25% of all your earnings should be in the tangible form of gold. You never lose money on it. Thus Jewellery in India is serious business and a sound investment. We had to create a showroom for the oldest Jewellers in the city of Nagpur in central Maharashtra India. So as not to lose tradition but rather infuse it with a touch of the modern to use the amazing location in the all important street square to its full potential, to re-energize and almost revitalize the entire square after decades of slumber. Our goal in this project was to creatively adapt within the parameters already set, the various sections of a jewellery store. We carved out a 30’ high atrium space for the 3 levels of Jewellery and Director’s cabins to look onto. Page 1 of 2 This helped to unify all the levels, create a dramatic triple height entry and most importantly it helped to bring sunlight into the showroom. There were three major divisions -gold, diamonds and silver, since the gold section is the largest, and the most popular, it automatically had to be at the ground entrance level, also this was the largest floor plate. The first floor had the diamond section while the silver section was at the second floor. Each floor also had a Director’s cabin and a small jewellery lounge for the exclusive customers. Vertical connectivity is provided by the scenic elevator situated at the far end opposite the entrance. The third & fourth floor are the administration sections. The colour palate was warm with a lot of deep brown wood, travertino marble clad columns with edges of polished copper and a lot of bronze mirror. The desire being to create understated elegance, yet let the customer be transported to another world. To create this ethereal feeling, we actually suspended large shiny glass, globe light fitting in the atrium space in silver and copper colour, which when you see from below appear to be floating in space. The colour palette moves from the inside to the outside. Here we created layers, the deepest layer is of vertical rounded Al. sections, the second one is a grid of horizontal & vertical niches on the entire façade, moving along the shape of the building. The third layer is that of deep bronze reflective glass which is only horizontal. The last and fourth layer is in offwhite and dull bronze aluminum sheets, having its own horizontal grid, which is arranged in varying brands. All the niches created in the second layer are once again partly layered with polycarbonate, so in the night each of these horizontal and vertical niches glow giving the building yet another dimension. The lighting is such that in the evening, the finned masses in the first layer have a deep yellow glow while the niches continuously change colour, this adds fluidity and movement to the built form. The various layers are like the manifestation of the human mind, the deeper ones like the bronze glass signify his deep yet incoherent thought and how slowly these change into more coherent ones which represent the lighter offwhite and bronze colour, and finally when he emerges with a clear vision of what is his goal, is actually represented, by the luminescent glowing horizontal and vertical slits. The effect created by the lit building generates an aura of positive energy for the entire square, and a kinetic quality which creates a special relation between the buildings and its occupants. Page 2 of 2


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