Showroom Amanali Country Club & Nautica

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Showroom Amanali Country Club & Nautica

AMANALI COUNTRY CLUB AND NAUTICA - SHOWROOM Tepeji del Rí­o, State of Hidalgo, Mexico. 2008. Amanali is a residential development with nearly 2,700 homes, an 18-hole golf “championship` course and aquatic sports. It is located by Lake Requena, in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico in a 300 Ha site with a 6 km waterfront. It is a privileged zone that presents multiple natural qualities like a benign weather, diverse natural vegetation and extraordinary views to the lake and its gullies. Our office was in charge of the Urban Design for the master plan, all the Landscape Architecture and the Architectural Design for the access elements. The aim was to fully integrate the formal design of the plazas, tower-symbol and showroom with the setting of the natural semi-desert landscape, which is characteristic in the central part of the country. The main expressive element is the use of volcanic rock, which was directly extracted from the site as a product of the excavations during the construction of the road system. Similarly, the plant palette for the landscape design is based on desert plants like Sotol (Dasylirion wheeleri), Maguey (Agave salmiana), and columnar cacti (Cereus sp.), which were rescued and recovered directly from the site and then re-planted. The architectural language of the building contrasts with the retaining stonewalls, through its light roof structure and thin columns, and the surrounding transparent elements of the glass perimeter. In the garden of the principal office and sales building the loose gravel of tezontle, a volcanic red rock of pre-Hispanic tradition, also contrasts with the rectangular wood decks, while the massive stonewalls frame the spectacular views towards the lakes and surrounding mountainous landscape. Our clients asked for a clean architecture with a very local mood, mixed with a contemporary expression that would set the atmosphere for the future construction of houses in the residential development.


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