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„Log-House of the Year` in Hungary near Lake Balaton This ecological Log-House has been built in summer 2007 in the historical town of Keszthely, near the well-known natural hot-water lake in Héví­z, on the north-western corner of Lake Balaton, a high priority tourism area of Hungary. It won the honorable title „Log-House of the Year` in January 2008. The floor space is 78 square meters, a comfortable living-space for a Hungarian family of average size. There is no horizontal ceiling inside, but the lower shell of the roofing can be seen, therefore the internal space seems larger. The house is oblong, the design of the building is well proportioned, and the orientation is south-southwest. The premises with lower functions go to northwest-west. The entrance is shaped for easy access also for handicapped people. The foundation of the building is, according to Hungarian standards, pillars replenished with reinforced concrete. It guarantees durability and long-term stability, although one of the basic attributes of logs is mobility. The walls are made of 20 cm thick rectangular Nordic pine logs. The roof is covered with green living succulent plants of the Sedum family. The curiosity is that the pre-cultivated green mats have already wintered two times outdoors before being laid on the water holding mat on the roof. The house is well-shaded by itself and the living green is cooling the roof in summer by evaporation. Floor heating with a water-boiler stove fired with wooden briquettes. During the winter season the owners of the house made notes of the indoor and outdoor temperatures and the consumption of the wooden briquettes and came to the conclusion, that the thermal insulation of the house is excellent. In the future the stove will only serve as a cozy supplemental heat source, the main source being a heat pump. That combined system, the company’s own development, is under testing at the moment, The whole flooring is wooden. Although wood is not really good heat conductor, it simply belongs to the character of the house. According to the opinions of most visitors it is quite perfect. A unique solution for the bathroom and kitchen are the oaken pails. They are used as bath-tub, hand-wash basin and as sink in the kitchen. They are made by Hungarian master coopers with the same traditional methods they use when making wine-barrels. These watertight oaken pails fit perfectly to the character of the Log-House. By cleaning them with pure alcohol even antibacterial cleanness can be achieved. This house is the first of its kind in Hungary for permanent dwelling.


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