The Shinjuku Park Tower ( 新宿パークタワー , Shinjuku Pāku Tawā ? ) is the second-tallest building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was designed by Kenzo Tange and completed in 1994. Shinjuku Park Tower has 3 elements; S tower, which is 235 m (771 ft) tall with 52 storeys, C tower which is 209 m (686 ft) tall with 47 storeys and N tower which is 182 m (597 ft) tall with 41 storeys. Floors 1 to 8 are occupied by retail stores, floors 9 to 37 are office floors and floors 39 to 52 are occupied by the luxury Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel, which was featured in the film Lost In Translation .

Floor Directory

39F-52F (39th-52nd floors) 41F (41st floor) 9F-37F (9th-37th floors) Park Hyatt Tokyo Check-in Lobby Office floors 19F (19th floor) 11F (11th floor) 8F (8th floor) Taisei Housing Park Shinjuku Park Tower Dental Clinic Mareesia Garden Clinic NHK Garden 3F-7F (3rd-7th floors) 3F-4F (3rd-4th floors) 3F (3rd floor) Living Design Center Ozone The Conran Shop Shinjuku Park Tower Hall 1F (1st floor) B1F (Basement floor) B2F-B5F (2nd-5th Basement floors) Lobby, Gallery, Atrium Shops & Restaurants List of restaurants & shops Parking


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