Sheraton Abandoibarra Hotel
The Hotel is part of the new Ria 2000 master plan of the City of Bilbao. It's located several distant blocks from the Guggenheim Museum; it is the last property on Victoria Maria Boulevard before approaching the river.

The property is a small site of 17,650 Sqft. The hotel was designed as a compact volume in harmony with the context that surrounds it. The plan of the City indicated to construct until the bordering limits of the property with a height of 10 levels and one extra set back of 3 meters.

Inspired by the work of artist Chillida and the solid roots, history and culture of the Vasque Country, the building is treated like a stone block, that is transformed into a “Sculpture”, to which certain perforations have been tilled. In its interior there is an 8 stories central atrium that culminates in a ceiling forming half of a vault. The light plays a very important role in this space since it is illuminated by the different volume perforations, creating a different light and shadow game at each hour of the day.

The perforations were studied from a sculptural point of view on the exterior and depending on the different views, opening in the first levels towards the park and in the superior levels towards the mountains; once the height has over passed the commercial center adjacent, the volume ends with a tower which converts itself into a lighthouse at the corner.

The facade is treated like a lattice window with 9 squares per room to give major intimacy to them and at the same time, to achieve that the facades count more like one aside, forming a massive volume.

The bar and restaurant are located in the ground floor, the suites are distributed in different  levels, the pool and the health club on the 6th floor, in one of the big perforations with the park view. 

The hotel has more than 211 rooms, between standard rooms and suites, having all the installations of a 5 stars hotel.

The rooms have been oriented along the perimeter so that guests can enjoy the different views like the mountains towards the north, the river and the old City towards the west and the park towards the south.


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