Shenzhen NanYou Retail Park - A Landscape of Art + Commerce

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Shenzhen NanYou Retail Park - A Landscape of Art + Commerce
NanYou Retail Park is located at the heart-land of NanShan District, Shenzhen. With a park as its core, the project is a comprehensive development of retail, offices, hotel, serviced apartment, and art & cultural facilities. The site area is 130,000 s.m. including a park of 91,500 s.m. The total Gross Floor Area above ground is 295,000 s.m.; and the underground area is 169,000 s.m. inclusive of 4,000 car-parking provision. The design intends to deliver a commercially viable public environment, enriched with art spaces. By alteration and elevation of the ground-plane, the design creates a superimposition of “Double Ground-Plane`; and turns the parkland stereoscopic. Parkland, commercial and art spaces are interactively integrated. It aspires to become a new benchmark destination for Shenzhen’s city life. Park as a City Heart The design offers itself as a “Green City Center` for NanShan. The scheme integrates the parkland with various programmes in the development, to form a piece of Green Heart within the city for the public; it is also the Event Platform. This platform is designed with openness and transparency to maximize greenery’s exposure to the street edges; the towers are set to protect the central parkland but also letting wind and light in. It is a piece of three-dimensional expansive parkland; it is not only the core, to be in touch with the commercial through various art spaces; but also the destination of people movement. Mutual Inclusive of Parkland and Retail This design executes the idea park inside commerce to the greatest possibilities; to offer a commercial place filled with humanities and landscapes. Public Park and Retail Podium have been unified into a single element. It covers entire retail, it brings outdoor landscaped spaces into retail, and activates the people movement in-between. Art Spaces as Event Generator & Connector Various art spaces are set as bridging elements between the park and the retail. A ring of interactive events is formed there, to become activities generators. Art spaces are then the transitional programmes between commerce and nature, a connector. Retail as a Journey of Events The Destination Retail is at both ends of the Browsing Spine as it running along the main street edges, nodes of events are placed at strategic points to allow mixing with art events or landscape elements. Network of art spaces are placed to reinforce the nodes, park and retail are merged that their boundary is ambiguous. The entire retail provides 120,000 s.m floor area. Architecture as Topography By alteration and elevation of the ground-plane, the design creates a platform of landscape, also acts as the roof over various functional spaces. This topographic architecture is expansive and porous; it leads landscape to cover entire site, and maximizes space for people. Its porosity allows daylight and air flow through to reach the functional spaces underneath. Its spanning nature make cover for various spaces and integrate them with interactivity. This architecture is functioning as landscape and vice versa. Towers as Ark over Grassland Towers like arks, containers of people and events, elevated over the parkland. With the sky gardens on the towers, the nature is brought beyond ground plane. Towers are designed as extension of landscape. As tower is elevated, its bottom surface becomes the “fifth façade`; which lets natural elements passing through, it allows people’s view expanded.


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