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Shenyang Vanke Corporate Gallery
To go or not to go; that was the question the client struggling about, not knowing the design scheme will bring the company to a new era or a disaster. However, a brave and bold step was taken. Puzzling and uncertainty were settled through patience and persistence of both the client and the designer. In order to reflect the Client's progressive emphasis on style and technology in the field of property developments, images and design languages suggesting brave and bold were diligently collaborated to generate a corporate image that could inspire the viewer how assertive and dedicated the company is promising to the field and their clients. Facets with calculated proportions and angles caring ergonomics and building services were crafted with dynamic intensity connecting the floor to the ceiling. Regardless the angular details, the overall impression suggesting an alternative definition of harmony and balance. Through time consuming calculation of hundreds of facets without one identical to another, the space was composed successfully into a planned legendary character. Casting of magical shades on angled facets, the space achieved to reveal a series of changing perceptions given to visitors along their movements through viewing the exhibits. The shapes and forms with firm but changing tones of warm grey materials linked up by bright red LEDs and various light rendering, expressing the momentum of the corporate by large to the viewers and it's staffs, introducing an identity of a visionary brand. This project had given the designer an insight that; it needs thoughts to compose visionary ideas, but patience is the gear to make it work.


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