Sheffield Children's Hospital

The Sheffield Children's Hospital is part of and the headquarters of the Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust in Broomhill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It is a purpose-built children's hospital and provides the A&E service for all minors in Sheffield and some others further afield.


The hospital first opened on November 15, 1876 as a children's infirmary in Brightmore House, on Brook Hill in Sheffield.

The building itself was built in many stages, with four different blocks and types of architecture visible from Western Bank.

During the 1990s it was featured in the BBC television series Children's Hospital.

It was recently announced that local football club Sheffield Wednesday had donated their shirt sponsorship to Sheffield Children's Hospital and the associated Children's Hospital Charity for the next two seasons (2009–10 and 2010–11).

Wards departments and specialities

The hospital consists of three general surgery wards each with their own speciality:

  • S1 (urology and neurosurgery)
  • S2 (ENT, dental surgery and plastic surgery)
  • S3 (orthopaedics)

The patients are allocated to the four medical wards by age and/or disease process:

  • M1 (0–4 years old)
  • M2 (5–16 years old)
  • M3 (oncology)
  • M4 (acts as a medical admissions unit)

In addition to the medical and surgical wards, the hospital also has:

  • a burns unit
  • an intensive care unit
  • a high dependency unit
  • a day surgery ward
  • a dental unit
  • a haematology unit
  • an ophthalmology unit
  • a cystic fibrosis unit
  • an emergency department and minor injuries unit
  • MRI and CT facilities

There are also three outpatient department areas which perform different functions:

  • Red area (orthotics and ENT)
  • Green area (gastroenterology, urology, neurology)
  • Blue area (orthopaedics and fracture clinic)


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