Sharon Fraser House
One of its key features is its U shaped plan taking advantage of its surrounding views throughout the day, which has acted as a key factor in the allocation of the interior spaces according to the day to day activities. The exterior area is designed to engage the family activities and allow for the understanding of an open space with no inhabitations. The contrast between the water in the pool and the hard surface fire place engaging water and fire situated parallel to each other symbolise the unity of elements which is incorporated throughout this project.

The large openings express a space with no reservations or restrictions engaging it with the landscape. The sculptural artwork which is created by Peter McLisky, through its playfulness, its sense of scale and the introduction of colour expresses an element that engages once more the inside through symbolism. The whole interior permanent structure is treated with a white backdrop. This way colour is only present in the furniture and the upholstery treating it as an art gallery were all items are exclusive and unique. This is certainly what is expected from an architect that her goal is to strive for perfection.

The interior spaces are grand and have a generosity to their scale and ambience. They incorporate a welcoming and warm atmospherity through the deep coloured slide partitions and the earthly finishes incorporated in the lounge. Every detail is processed through with great sensitivity and innovation. One example is the massive pivot doors that open to the shaded colonnade. Fraser has also designed some of the furniture pieces
emphasising the importance of exclusivity within the interior and the uniqness of the personal character of every space. Another element which we admire about this residence is the ecological factor, which is also incorporated. There has been allowance for water collection and there is photovoltaic cells positioned in the roof top that generate electricity along with a hydronic system heating up the concrete slab which is produced by the solar hot water. At this day and age it is very inspiring to see that there are still architects that care about the perfection of a project by
choosing to remain small scale and don’t wish to be mass produced. Sharon Fraser believes in the individuality of a client and the importance of fully focusing in the uniqueness of every project and reaching its full potential. She is an architect which we admire her perception, as after all we have a soft spot for all that is one of a kind, personal, boutique and everyone that keeps there design quality at the top.
A pure example 'LESS IS MORE".


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