Shantou University Library
This new essence of a library can be seen in the design of the Shantou University Library by Mr. Ray Chen. The building employs a modernist language with the emphasis on horizontality. The flow of space is extremely fluid and inter-penetrating. Occupying the most strategic position next to the main gate of the university, the library is visually prominent both to the outside and within the campus. The powerful outline of the building with large openings on all four sides would set the tone for the university community in the pursuit of truth and creativity. Situated at the core of the library is the Grate Hall of Reading. This space serves as the spiritual center of the library distinguished by its volume, lightness and the double-height design. Much like the iconic round reading room of the British Library, this hall serves to gather the spirit of the library. With the book stacks surrounding the central space, and the indirect light streaming through the skylight, the hall has acquired a sacred aura; this is the heart of the knowledge community, the meeting place of intellectual past and present. Around this core are smaller reading rooms with book stacks. The collection of the books housed in the section. On the upper level, there are two open courts where bamboo is planted. Traditionally, there are multiple layers of meaning associated with the bamboo. Symbol of the literati, the bamboo represent integrity and uprightness. In addition, with the courtyards located in the middle of the reading room, nature is brought into the library. Apart from the bamboo courtyards, the Self Study Room is another example where the interior is related to the exterior through natural elements of water and the sky. It is designed to be a room where students can concentrate on their work individually. The room is a quiet space where self study or reflection can take place. To assist in that, the seats in room are stepped overlooking a reflective pool on the outside. Students are guided to both reflect on the external situation as well as from within oneself. The room faces the new entrance to the university and is thus the first facade to be seen by the visitors to the university. Behind this curtain wall, the first sight visitors see would be the image of students engaged in the pursuit of knowledge will become the starting point of the campus experience. To make the library the center of the university community, there are also other facilities housed in the building to allow for intellectual, artistic, recreational and social activities. These relaxation spaces are also surrounded by pools of water and other landscape elements. Taken all together, the library becomes an important exchange hub for knowledge and social activities. In here, the students and staff will be nourished in the intellect, spirit and emotion.


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