Shanghai 800 Show Creative Park

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Shanghai 800 Show Creative Park
This 13,075 sqm former steel factory site in the heart of Jing’An district is comprised of 15 buildings built over the span of 50 years. These 15 include the dominant 120m long factory hall with its ornate wooden roof and beam structure, colonial-type villas dating back to the 1920-30s in the north and several office buildings built later in the 1960-70s towards the south. Each building of the site was designed in various shapes and styles according to the period in time in which they were built. From its offices in Shanghai, logon was the selected winner of the international competition to renovate the factory park, renamed “ 800 Show`, a clever combination of the street number on Changde Road, which happens to be a lucky Chinese number and the Chinese character “?` (xiu) in honor of the shows and performances the building will host. Whereas traditionally, local creative parks serve one function, namely for creative industry office space, logon put forward a proposal to combine inter-related usages all centered around the creative industry. Market research revealed that a leisure cluster could compliment the event hall, and the event hall could compliment the office space; giving it a multifunction use with positive socio-economic impact on this megacity, maximizing usage of the space throughout the day and night, weekdays and weekends. Despite specific purpose attributed to these 3 zones, each building was renovated with unique design highlighting the individuality of original construction. In light of the dynamic growth and fast pace of Shanghai's Jing' An district, the need for an emblematic building was identified: a 'place with face' and a place for leisure and rest, a 'place with pause'. Based on this, the 800 Show main building was boldly dragged out to the street, remodeled with a majestic glass façade; clearly representative of the site. As for a “place with pause`, the 800 Show combines culture, leisure and business activities integrating an intentional space for rest. This explains the partially shaded garden roof-tops, courtyards and open plazas. The proposed design optimizes event space using an impressive 80m of the former factory hall for events, taking advantage of its long shape and dominant location for fashion shows, music performances and even car shows. The north facing villas will serve as public places for exhibitions, galleries or dining venues. Finally, the complex at the south will become a home to various creative industry offices, proudly boasting high beams, raw materials and other stimulating remnants of the previous factory structure. In the process of significantly meliorating building standards, access throughout the park was revisited to drastically improve convenience, right in the heart of the city. Not only will metro line 7 soon be opened directly across from 800 Show for pedestrian access, but exhibition set up is also made as user-friendly as possible. Based on consultation with international event agencies, the design of the 800 Show optimizes event coordination, making room for storage areas and for wide truck access from the front of the hall; fully flush with the ground. Private cars can also be parked within the 800 Show in shaded single and stacking-machine enabled parking spaces. The finished 800 Show Creative Park on Changde Road creates a strong statement for the Jing' An district. The elegant glass entrance is a new focal point, welcoming visitors into the park. Inside, it is a place where culture, leisure and office space meet and interact in an environment rich in history yet fitting to today's needs of Shanghai's creative industry. The 800 Show Creative Park will be inaugurated this Summer 2009 and will host the Shanghai International Creative Week 2009 this October.


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