Seven Arches Hotel

The Seven Arches Hotel (formerly the Intercontinental Hotel) is a hotel in East Jerusalem in the Arab neighborhood of A-Tur on the Mount of Olives. The hotel overlooks the Jewish cemetery that covers the slopes of the mountain. The hotel is owned by the Jordanian government and built on a leased land owned by the Jerusalemite prominent Arab family Al-Alami (Arabic: العلمي), whose many of its members still reside in Jerusalem and Jordan, the hotel is claimed to be currently possessed by the Custodian of Absentee Property, an arm of the Israeli government.


The hotel was built in 1964 during the [[unity of the West Bank and East Jerusalem with Jordan|.The late King Hussein of Jordan authorized construction of the hotel on a leased land ownwed by a well known old Arab Muslim family called Al-Alami (العلمي) .who's many of it's members still reside in Jerusalem & Jordan.

The hotel, consisting of a main building with seven arched windows and two wings connected by colonnades, was planned by an American architect, William Tabler. It was operated by the InterContinental hotel chain and was considered the most luxurious hotel in Jerusalem.

The PLO held its first Palestine National Council conference at the hotel in May 1964.


The Seven Arches is a 3-star hotel with 169 rooms notable for its spectacular view of Jerusalem.Despite reports in 2010 that plans had been submitted for expansion of the hotel, the general manager of the Seven Arches, Awni Inshewat denied this. He said there had been some confusion over an application for a building permit for a large Christian prayer tent located at the site: "The tent has been there for about five years, but the municipality said it needs a building permit, so we applied for that."

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