Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012

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Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012

presented as part of the london 2012 festival, the 12th serpentine gallery by swiss architects herzog & de meuron and beijing-based ai weiwei is now complete. a plane of water is now floating above the lawn of the serpentine gallery in london, england, inviting visitors to pass beneath it and observe the recently exposed components of the past structures. eleven columns representing each of the previous editions elevate the roof plane 1.4 meters from the excavated ground while an additional support stands for the current construct.

encouraging visitors to delve under the surface, this archeological experience transports them back in time as they lounge within the interior. cork lines the surfaces of the stepped ground plane and seating to generate a warm location for repose. during the summer, the venue will host public talks and events during 'park nights' until october 14, 2012.

'all of these foundations will now be uncovered and reconstructed. the old foundations form a jumble of convoluted lines, like a sewing pattern. a distinctive landscape emerges out of the reconstructed foundations which is unlike anything we could have invented; its form and shape is actually a serendipitous gift. the three-dimensional reality of this landscape is astonishing and it is also the perfect place to sit, stand, lie down or just look and be amazed. in other words, the ideal environment for continuing to do what visitors have been doing in the serpentine gallery pavilions over the past eleven years and a discovery for the many new visitors anticipated for the london 2012 olympic games.' - herzog & de meuron + ai weiwei



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