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Site and Context The site is an irregular-shaped tract of cleared land. It immediately abuts a railway cutting to its north; the railway reserve and cutting defines a boundary between the very distinct land-use patterns of the area. The curved northern edge of the site is significant as it adopts the sweep of the railway reserve that cuts through the terrain. Its topography marks this site as an important piece within the surrounding area. This elevated land has expansive views to the city skyline to the west, and across the lower topographical residential areas to the north. Design Response The new building was built as a speculative commercial development. Key aspects of the design response addressed: i) The irregular site shape ii) The sweep of railway land iii) The boundary condition that is created by the railway cutting iv) The site as a “Gateway` between distinct land uses of the area vi) Views into and across the site from the adjoining streets Sero 108 is expressed in a contemporary architectural language. The tectonics of the design include: i) A dynamic building form that responds to the shape and context of the site, and to kinetic perceptions generated by movement along the site perimeters, and notably, the high-speed sweep of train travel through the railway cutting ii) An abstract surface texturing using varied façade materials, patterns and colours iii) An articulated building base that defines a pedestrian scale iv) A modern architectural form that signifies the functionality of the building-use as an extension of the context of the commercial strip Building Form and Massing: The built form is expressive of the irregular quality and shape of the site – this is an important piece of residual land in the area, and it is appropriate that the architectural form and expression of the building articulate the features of this unique site. The linearity of the building form conveys a perception of the site as viewed from and beyond the railway reserve. The north boundary is the interface between developed land use patterns of the adjoining sites and the very dynamic aspect of movement around and along the railway cutting. The building is a simple, geometric composition of elements that responds to the site shape. At the main street aspect to the east the building sits comfortably in the streetscape condition, and creates a defined edge that marks the boundary of the commercial zone. At the western end of the site the building presents as a three storey structure, gently sloping up to a part fourth level further into the site. The top floor, the fifth level, is setback from the building perimeter, and gives emphasis to the overall building composition of a principally 3 to 4 storey structure. The southern façade fronts onto a narrow cobblestone paved service lane that is used extensively for vehicular and truck service access to the commercial properties further south. Notably here the carparking access and the visual aspect of the multi-level parking areas are evident from this lane; the change in levels of the floorplates has enabled an additional carparking level to be incorporated within the building heights created for the office levels. The principal aspect, and the defining image of this building, is the sweep of the textured, precast concrete wall that is adapted as the principal form of the building composition responding to the specific perimeter attributes of the site.


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