Selfridges Wonder Room
Selfridges is fast approaching its 100th year and back when Henry Gordon Selfridge founded the first store on Oxford Street, his vision was to bring wonders from across the globe to amaze and excite his customers. Back then, Selfridges department store was a place where you could find things that could be seen nowhere else, the first public demonstration of television was held on the first floor of Selfridges! The Wonder Room project was a chance to reintroduce those elements of surprise and wonder to the Selfridges and create a department store for the 21st century. Inspired by the concept of Wunderkammer and Curiosity Cabinets, the Wonder Room is a luxury gifts emporium with the energy of a souk. The Wonder Room occupies 1,800 sqm of London finest retail space on the ground floor of Selfridges' Oxford Street store. The key element of the design is an elegant wall of fins running around the perimeter of the room, between these fins float crisp display cases. The idea that brands would have a uniform facade that they would all adhere to seemed a clever idea. Each brand would have beautiful open views into their concession stores, but when seen obliquely the fins become a screen behind which the brands disappear and the focus turns to the central area of the room. Here, a series of high gloss lacquered blocks form cabinets to house both fine jewellery, exclusive customised mobile phones and over 30 watch brands. Among these lacquered blocks, are a few finished in beautifully crafted gold and silver leaf and mother of pearl shell, bringing yet more references of wonder to the room. Along Orchard Street we have opened up the windows allowing views through new The Wonder Bar and Concept Store area, the two Selfridges-owned spaces that take up their positions behind the fin wall.  In the wine shop, a series of jenga-like timber boxes lead the customer up to a mezzanine wine bar. Here they can help themselves to some of the finest wines on offer around the world through an innovative wine-jukebox.  The Concept Store features more of the younger, fashion orientated products.  A flexible space where you will find anything from select sex toys to tech-gizmos and the coolest Kid Robot limited editions.


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