Secondary School in Dano

The primary objective of this project was to design a building appropriate for the given climatic conditions and one which factored in elements of sustainability. To achieve these aims, it was decided that laterite stone, native to the region, be used as the main building material in an exemplary pilot project. The building was set at an east-west orientation which reduces direct solar radiation onto the walls, while the walls themselves are additionally shadowed by means of a sharply protruding roof. The building consists of three classrooms in addition to a computer room that is attached to an office space. There is also an amphitheatre with a corresponding size to that of a classroom. This space is a designated sitting area during break time.

The permeable suspending ceiling, the inclined corrugated sheet roof as well as the completely obvious shaded windows ensure a natural ventilation of the rooms. Compared to the conventional construction method, for which an artificial air-conditioning of the rooms is required, this is the more sustainable solution in the face of fossil resources running out and increasing energy prices. This especially applies to a country like Burkina Faso, which is ranked second to last place on the UN poverty list and which has to cover its complete energy demand by means of import.
Another aspect of this work is the fact that the overall project was carried out in cooperation with young people who had already been trained through previous projects sponsored by the “Schulbausteine für Gando e.V.“ Through this construction concept, not only was a local building material re-valued in form of the laterite stone, but local handicraft was also re-valued, trained and further educated.

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