Secondary Capital Centre of Sofia

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Secondary Capital Centre of Sofia

Our project proposal is to develop a visionary solution for a multifunctional complex – a secondary city centre of Sofia. Our scheme is an avant-garde approach, which also integrates innovative, progressive and sustainable solutions to create a dynamic urban environment.

The new development aims to link the historic city, placing the new and old in juxtaposition to one another. This new city centre will add permanent value to the city of Sofia through the understanding and integration of its existing urban values. Contemporary architecture should not only adapt, but also morph, evolve and flourish the existing urban landscape of Sofia.

The country – as other nations on the Balkan peninsula - is a rich mixture of many cultures and layers of history. This is also recognized by the European Union of which Bulgaria has become part of in early 2007. We are most fascinated by the Bulgarians love for nature and their well-known expertise in gardening. Our scheme is representing this in all levels, from functional aspects to appearance.


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