Second Home Kitchen and Bar

The Owner of this Denver hotel restaurant asked the design team to conjure up the feeling of someone’s Aspen or Telluride vacation home, instead of a stereotypical hotel restaurant. The Second Home creates the feeling of being at someone’s house for dinner in a rich, warm and welcoming environment by drawing inspiration from the character of the Rocky Mountains and the people who live there.  Second Home transforms what was once one large 5,000 SF venue into series of spaces that feel like the rooms of a home: the private dining room is a study, the main dining room is an open kitchen / family room, the bar a recreational room, the semi-private dining room a more formal dining room, and the courtyard a backyard patio with the Aspen trees and open flame.

The materials selected underpin the authenticity of Second Home as a part of the Rocky Mountains.  Rich textures like pony-skin upholstery and paneled walls, bark tile, and reclaimed wood contrast with stone, stainless steel, and glass to create an intriguing and thoughtful material palette.  The sober geometry of the plan is complimented by unembellished dry-stack stone walls and rough, wood-plank ceilings. Design elements such as graffiti-printed upholstery on Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairs and artisan-quality 1950s Italian chandeliers accent the space, bringing a stroke of whimsy and animation. More than simply aesthetics, Second Home is born of Colorado.  All materials, from the stones to woods, were all locally sourced, and local craftsmen played an integral role in the execution of the design. Second Home effortlessly knits together the comforts and joys of a vacation home with the modern aesthetics and wit of a sophisticated restaurant. The space envelopes diners in warmth and hominess, and juxtaposes the austere and theatrical with architecture that grounds the restaurant in its Colorado setting. The result lends a distinct sense of place that draws back customers again and again. Second Home’s charisma has made it a local favorite. It is a place people genuinely want to be; a Second Home.

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