Sealdah Station

Sealdah is one of the major train stations serving Kolkata (Calcutta) in India, the others being Howrah Station, Shalimar Station and Kolkata Station. Sealdah is one of the busiest rail stations in India and an important suburban rail terminal. After completion, Kolkata metro line 2 will pass through Sealdah.

There are three station terminals at Sealdah: Sealdah North, Sealdah Main and Sealdah South. The North section consists of Sealdah North and Sealdah Main buildings. It has 12 platforms numbering 1 to 4/4A (Sealdah North), and 5 to 9, 9A & 9B (Sealdah Main). The South section consists of Sealdah South terminal, with 5 platforms (10-14). The north and south sections have separate set of emerging tracks. The north and south section is connected by two links, one is Dumdum-Majherhat link (popularly circular rail), and other is Bidhannagar-Parkcircus link (extension of circular rail). These two links were constructed to quickly travel between the two sections avoiding Sealdah.

Sealdah North acts as the suburban train terminal for 2 divisions: the main division and the Bangaon division. The main division of Sealdah north operates trains plying between Kolkata and Bandel, Kalyani Simanta, Gede, Shantipur, Krishnanagar, Dankuni and others. A narrow gauge line connects Shantipur and Krishnanagar. This line continues to Nabadwip Ghat. These narrow gauge lines are served by DMU trains (all other lines run EMU trains). There is a plan to extend the suburban train service from Krishnanagar to Palashi, which is currently served by electric loco hauled trains. Dankuni line connects Eastern Railway's Howrah line at Bali and Dankuni. Bandel line connects Eastern Railway's Howrah line at Bandel.

The Bangaon division handles trains for Kolkata Airport, Bangaon, Hasnabad and others. Bangaon and Ranaghat are also connected.

Sealdah Main is the mail/express terminal for long distance trains to northern, north-western, north-eastern & eastern India, through Dankuni line and Bandel line. Krishnanagar line is also serving long distance intrastate trains.

The South section, consisting of Sealdah South terminal, acts as the terminal for local trains plying between Kolkata and Diamond Harbour-Budgebudge, Canning, and Namkhana.

There is also an EMU carshed at Sealdah (Narkeldanga). Other EMU carsheds are at Barasat & Sonarpur. A diesel shunter loco shed is also situated at adjacent Beliaghata. A rail coach factory is set to come up at Kanchrapara.

Before partition in 1947 of India, Gede line and Bangaon line were continued to present day Bangladesh.



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