Seacroft Hospital
Seacroft Hospital is based in York Road in the area of Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 West Yorkshire, England and is operated by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The hospital was founded in 1904, originally to care for people with infectious diseases. It celebrated its centenary on 29 September 2004. By the entrance is a local landmark, a clock tower ( Grade II listed building) which is also a water tower,holding 28000 gallons of water. The hospital is now a major centre for ambulatory care services. In June 2006 the Seacroft Specialist Rehabilitation Centre opened there. The hospital also has renal dialysis facilities. Many of the buildings are in a poor state of repair and the health authority are considering selling off the older parts of the hospital for redevelopment. The hospital has been noted for its unique and positive use of the Nintendo video game Wii Fit to assist patients with prosthetic limb in learning how to use them effectively.

In September 2002 a state of the art catering unit was built on the site, The Receipt And Distribution Unit, RADU it was opened by TV Celebrity chef Brian Turner. It provides over 3,000 patients meals twice daily 365 days a year, to all the main hospitals in the Leeds area: these are supplemented by any special dietary needs plus daily bread and milk. In October 2002 Loyd Grossman and a team of leading chefs designed "leading chef" dishes for the menu.