Seaconnett Mills

Seaconnett Mills is an historic cotton textile mill site located at 21 Father DeValles Boulevard in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Mill No. 1 was built in 1884, while Mill No. 2 was built in the 1890s. Henry C. Lincoln was the first president of the company, which had a peak capacity of 72,000 spindles.

In October 1889, the very first operational trial of the Draper Northrop automatic loom was made at the Seaconnet Mills. Further trials and improvements to the Northrop loom were made over the next year or so. in the following decades, th Northrop automatic loom would revolutionize the weaving industry, allowing a single operator to manage multiple looms at the same time.

In 1930 the Seaconnet Mills were taken over by the Howard-Arthur Company.

The site was added to the National Historic Register in 1983.

The mill site has been recently restored into an office park and is now the site of Bristol Probate and Family Court located at 21 Father DeValles Boulevard.

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