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The Science & Technology Museum of Atlanta, usually known as SciTrek, was located at 395 Piedmont Avenue (33°45′58″N 84°22′54″W / 33.766°N 84.3816°W / 33.766; -84.3816) in Atlanta, Georgia, next to the Atlanta Civic Center. It was forced to close in August 2004 due to reduced federal and state funding, as well as poor fundraising results, but hoped to reopen again later. All of its displays were sold or auctioned on January 15, 2005


Founded in 1988, SciTrek-The Science & Technology Museum of Atlanta is a museum that was one of the top ten science centers in the U.S.. SciTrek housed more than 140 exhibits appealing to all age ranges. The interactive displays offered visitors the opportunity to explore and discover the marvels of the scientific world, with a special Kidscape section specially designed for the two to seven years age group. The Mathematica exhibit detailed the major achievements in the history of mathematics from the twelfth century as well as explaining mathematical formulae including Kepler's laws of planetary motion and probability theory. Other exhibits focused on Electricity generation in unusual ways, creating energy from magnetism, 'freezing shadows' or stepping inside a kaleidoscope.

Challenger Learning Center

SciTrek's Challenger Learning Center was relocated to Atlanta's Fernbank Science Center after being purchased by the Turner Broadcasting System and donated to Fernbank. SciTrek's name, intellectual property, computers, materials from the Edison exhibit, science education curriculum and programs were transferred to Valdosta State University in 2005. The new SciTrek is closed to the public, but serves as an educational center for teachers and students in South Georgia .

Tech High

At the time of the museum's closing, SciTrek had been making the transition from a museum toward a new self-sustaining, science-education format. The new format included the incorporation of Tech High, a public charter school that opened in early August and focuses heavily on math, science and technology. Expected to be housed in SciTrek through May 2005, Tech High pays about $7,500 a month for rent.


STARS: SciTrek Amateur Radio Society operated W4WOW,the Amateur Radio Station located at the Science and Technology Museum (Scitrek). STARS operated on CW, SSB, FM, PSK-32 frequencies along with others. The most frequently used frequencies by the group were HF, UHF, and VHF.

The goal of STARS is to introduce Ham Radio to interested persons of any age that are visiting the Science and Technology Museum here in Atlanta, GA. We also advise interested persons how they can get started in Ham Radio.

When SciTrek was still in operation the group met on the first Sunday of every month at the Ham Radio Station in the Museum at 1 PM.

Building Activity

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