Schell Bridge
The Schell Bridge is a steel Pennsylvania truss bridge across the Connecticut River in the town of Northfield, Massachusetts. The bridge was closed in 1987, and steel plates were welded across each portal to prevent access. The bridge had been tentatively scheduled for demolition in 2007 or 2008 ; however, preservationists are actively seeking the preservation and restoration of the bridge. Application has been made to the National Park Service to add the Schell Bridge to the National Register of Historic Places.

Preservation effort
The Friends of Schell Bridge are earnestly working to save the Schell Bridge. A year-long engineering study was performed by the Picker Engineering School at Smith College which determined that the bridge is structurally sound and is a good candidate for rehabilitation. There has been no accessible bridge crossing between East Northfield and West Northfield since the closing of the bridge in 1987, besides the large Route 10 bridge a mile to the South. Northfield is the only town in Franklin County to be divided by the Connecticut River. It has been proposed that, if preserved, the bridge will be reopened only to travel by foot, bicycle, snowmobile, and emergency vehicle. It would be integrated into the tri-state rails-to-trails initiative connecting a series of recreational trails in northern Massachusetts, southwestern New Hampshire, and southeastern Vermont. The bridge would also be available for evacuations, especially important as Northfield is located only 5 miles (8 km) from the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.

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