Scenography for an exhibition by Isabel Coixet

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Scenography for an exhibition by Isabel Coixet
EMBT designs the scenography for the exhibition and perfomance FROM I to J, a homage from film director Isabel Coixet to John Berger. On show at Centre d'Art Santa Monica in Barcelona, until 7th June. "I was asked by film director Isabel Coixet to create the stage design for a project based on texts from John Berger’s book, “From A to X`, to be accompanied by music and sound. This project takes the format of an installation for exhibition spaces. The design aims to take the visitor inside the physical and psychological environment of the silent protagonist of “From A to X (X)` ; a prisoner incarcerated in an unidentified jail, who connects with the outside world through the letters he receives from his lover. Consequently, visitors enter a solitary place, isolated from the outside world, where they hear the voice of a woman (A) reading letters in which she describes life on the outside. The space is divided up by high walls made of wire mesh fencing which, as they open and close, form the complex space of a labyrinth. On entering this labyrinth, spectators are guided through the shadowy environment by dim lighting. Words projected onto the ground act as light sources, and other points of light are directed at prison bunks and wall bars. Thus the experience of listening takes place in this introspective setting, as we walk through the different spaces within the labyrinth or sit on one of the bunks. On leaving the labyrinth, we have access to further information about the literary experience in which we have just participated. The actresses who read the letters are presented in a series of photographs, and we can listen to John Berger discussing his work in his own words, interviewed and filmed by Isabel Coixet. In this way we are able to learn more about “A` and “X`, having already identified with them." Benedetta Tagliabue October 2008


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