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SCAN STEEL OFFICE, KOLKATA, INDIA Inspiration Inspiration can be found everywhere. The universe can always provide something for you; you just have to perceive it. A crumpled ball of S.S foil, manufactured by Scan Steel, got the heart thumping and the soul excited. It became the inspiration behind the design of the reception of the office. The reception in an office is one of the most important spaces. It is here that one judges, be it most important or the least important, creating their first impression of the space. The crumpled ball of S.S. foil led to the concept of fragmental geometry, changing the dynamics of the space. The ceiling was conceived as ‘the galaxy’ with stellar constellation, keeping in mind the light sources and other services. Along with breaking away from the ‘traditional’ concept of a reception, it also gives it a new spatial definition. The idea was to dare to do something new and this reflects the core policy of the company-stepping into new ventures. Creation The reception has a very three dimensional feel to it with the undulating wall surfaces complimented by the false ceiling. MDF was used to create the desired effect. A meeting room just behind the reception prevents unwanted intrusion into the inner office area. The warped wall surfaces of the reception area were designed as a whole rather than each individual wall. The door leading to the meeting room behind the reception is also camouflaged. It appears to be a part of the undulating wall surface so as not to break the continuity of the warped surface. A seating area with a window behind gives a quick glimpse in to the meeting room behind. Linear interior planning was the only option given the size and the layout of the office. The fragmental geometry breaks the monotony of the linear spaces and adds a new dimension to the space. The predominantly white office is complimented by glass partitions in different colors. Color and lighting play an important role in this design and have been used to give a different feel to the different spaces. Dark colors have been used in the MD’s cabins to create a sophisticated yet down to earth feel. Graphics on the wall add to the ambience of the conference room and cafeteria. Chairs in different colors along the graphics make the cafeteria a bright and lively space and is the only informal space in the office. The simple linear planning is in contrast to the fragmental geometry of the reception and along with a touch of color here and there makes the entire office a dynamic spatial experience.


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