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“Create space for employees to connect.” This is the short formula behind our office design as demonstrated in one of the practice’s latest works, the Saxo Bank head office in Copenhagen. In today’s business environment a company’s office design is critical for gaining a competitive edge. The workplace is a medium for channelling information, exchanging knowledge and interacting. Thus, performance, efficiency and creativity will be enhanced in a workplace environment with greater proximity, more opportunities for staff to exchange information, chat, and experience casual encounters. Key to the innovative creativity much needed in any business is knowledge sharing, which again relies on openness and transparency. That is why, in designing the Saxo Bank head office, we deployed the idea of “learning from the learning environment,” of universities and research labs. Connectivity, flexibility, and transparency are found to be the key words of the lesson learned of how to enhance creativity and productivity. Learning from the lab, interaction will thrive and efficiency and productivity will rise in an open, information friendly office environment. Thus, in the Saxo Bank design, the dynamic slide of the columns and the expressive façade with its iconographic play on the “X” in the name of the Bank (and in the name of 3XN,) reflect this idea of dynamic efficiency growing out of connectivity and transparency. This office building is a dynamic field of activity, where energy and information are readily transferable between individuals. Work and flow areas are joined in one continuous space with touchdown spots and breakout areas designed for a flexible variation of encounters or more concentrated study and talks. Provision for plenty of daylight at all desks and meeting spots is a fairly standard though pleasant and energy saving feature of Scandinavian offices, as well as a big, bright cantina for all staff. What is special for Saxo Bank is rather the careful integration in the general idea of connectivity of every element of the design from the softly shaped top-lit atrium with its winding main staircase to the buzzing trading floor. Conceived as two logs facing their gable ends to the canal, joined together by a retracted glass façade, the building’s structure combines curves and sharp angles in a new interpretation of modern seaside architecture.


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