Sarou Houmura
This architecture located in the city of Sapporo is a building with both cafe and gallery. Instead of Kyoto style Japanese taste, a sense of beauty from the modern northland was sought.

To produce a space with good margin by trimming off what is redundant. To provide an appearance of depth by limiting the amount of light. To provide an opening for viewing the snowscape is important. To undergo a long approach, a sign of spirituality.

To provide an empty space similar to a spot garden. To express another dimension with landscape planning such as woods. To use natural materials or metals and concrete to enjoy the age softening. To enable evSarou Houmurang an image of a warehouse from the architecture.


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  • Adel Zakout
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    Thanks for the input :) ... Do you happen to know where it is - if you do, we'd be extremely grateful if you could correct it by hitting Edit Building in the top right.
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  • Archimaniak
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    The address/map is not correct; the building pointed at on the map is actually the Kyoto city hall.
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