Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Estudio Lamela was commissioned by Real Madrid to develop an important project involving the enclosure of the façade and the roof of the east side of the stadium adjacent to c/ Padre Damián as well as the restoration and functional relocation of the interior spaces. The proposal submitted seeks to solve the functional needs of the Club as well as give a contemporary and state of the art image to a Club which sees itself as being very much at the forefront of XXI Century stadium design. The project “New East Side of the Bernabeu” dealt with the extension of the rows of seats in the third circle of the East Side increasing the number of seats in order to achieve a capacity of 80,000. Furthermore it is intended to cover the seats with a light roof which will enclose the stadium. There is a huge façade made up of metallic mesh where images can be projected on which gives uniformity and continuity to the East Side between the towers. These will be reinforced to give structural support to the huge lattice roof further refurbishment is planned in order to create new areas with boxes to lodge all the installations of the new development. Under these rows of seats the President's Box will be relocated along with the VIP areas, boxes, catering areas and the area for the press. This project is the culmination of several schemes Real Madrid F. C. has undertaken in recent years in order to modernise its Stadium. At the beginning of the 90s, Lamela Arquitectos carried out a huge extension and refurbishment of the two far ends of the ground as well as the stand, which faces the Castellana. We are therefore very proud to be able to bring to the project our knowledge, understanding and experience in the development not only of this project but the ambitious project for the New Sports City “Real Madrid”.

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