Santa Volto Church

Church Santo Volto, Turin, Italy Like many European cities, over the past several decades, Turin urban setting underwent deep transformations; wide unused industrial areas in the core of the town will take on new vocations in the near future.

       As industrial centre Turin is rapidly shifting his profile into a new post tertiary industrial reality. In this context of important changes His Eminence Cardinal Severino Poletto, Turin Archbishop, decided to build on the area of the former steelworks in Via Borgaro a pastoral centre. The project envisages the edification of a church dedicated to the Christ’s Sindon.

        It has a heptagonal plan surrounded by seven towers to which are connected the lower bodies of the chapels. Thanks to the truncated apex both the towers and the chapels function as skylights. The choice of the heptagonal plan, that coincides with the strong religious and symbolic meaning, orients the main axis of the church towards the city. The new parish complex gathers all the services once spread all over the city.


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