Santa Maria in Domnica
Santa Maria in Domnica " also known as Santa Maria alla Navicella " is a basilica church in Rome.

The church was built in ancient times, close to the Vigiles 5th cohort's barracks. The church was built no later than the 7th century. Pope Paschal I, credited for Rome's early 9th century age of renovation and artistic splendour, had the church rebuilt in 818-822, providing it with noteworthy mosaic decoration. The attribute "in Domnica" has been differently explained. One interpretation is the derivation from dominicum, meaning "of the Lord", and by extension "church". Another interpretation refers to the name of Cyriaca, a woman who lived nearby, and whose name means "belonging to the Lord", Dominica in Latin. . The attribute "alla Navicella" means "near the little ship", and refers to the Roman ship sculpture that has been in front of the church for a long time, and Leo X had turned into a fountain. The Cardinal Deacon of the Titulus S. Mariae in Domnica is William Joseph Levada.

Art and architecture
Pope Leo X renovated the church in 1513-14, Andrea Sansovino directing the works and including the facade portico with tuscan columns. The internal columns are recycled from an ancient temple and crowned with Corinthian capitals. The ceiling is frescoed by Perin del Vaga, based on designs of Giulio Romano. The apse mosaid from the 8th century depicts Christ, angels, and apostles, Moses and Elias, Virgin and child on throne, and Pasquale I in ginocchio. There are also frescoes by Lazzaro Baldi .