Santa Donna Regina Nuova

Santa Maria Donna Regina Nuova is a church in Naples, in southern Italy. It is called Nuova ("new") to distinguish it from the older church of Santa Maria Donna Regina Vecchia.

The earliest church was built on this location in the 14th century. However, in 1616-27 a new edifice was built by the architect Giovanni Guarino for the nuns of the annexed convent of the same name. Originally the monastery and the church were connected by a passage between the tribune of the new church and the apse of the old one, but this was eliminated by the 1928-34 restoration.

The façade presents a wide 17th-century staircase, and houses two stucco statues portraying St. Andrew and St. Bartholomew. The interior has a single nave with six side chapels and a rich Baroque marble decoration. The ceiling has a large fresco by Francesco de Benedictis (1654). The sides of the apse have frescoes by Francesco Solimena portraying histories of St. Francis.

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Coordinates: 40°51′14″N 14°15′31″E / 40.854000°N 14.258690°E / 40.854000; 14.258690


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