Sandö Bridge

The Sandö Bridge (in Swedish Sandöbron) is a concrete arch bridge crossing the Ångermanälven river in the Kramfors municipality in the province of Ångermanland in northern Sweden. It has a free span of 264 meters and is 42 meters above the water.

The area is often referred to as The High Coast.

During the construction, the bridge collapsed on August 31, 1939, and 18 workers were killed. This accident was given little attention by the press, since the World War II started the day after.

The bridge was opened in 1943. Until 1964, it was the largest concrete arch in the world. It was renovated after 1997 and reopened in 2003.

In 1997, the Sandö bridge was replaced as main road connection by the Höga Kusten Bridge, the new bridge across the river, in a new extension of the European route E4.

Coordinates: 62°53′00″N 17°52′38″E / 62.8833°N 17.8771°E / 62.8833; 17.8771

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