San Stefano Grand Plaza

San Stefano Grand Plaza (Arabic: سان ستفانو جراند بلازا‎) is a structural complex including a Four Seasons hotel, apartments, offices, a shopping mall and a marina in Alexandria, Egypt. Being 35 floors high, it has the tallest buildings in the city. It was opened in 2006.

Size and Location

It is located about 9km from midtown Alexandria, in San Stefano neighbourhood (an area which is considered one of the most luxurious in the city). The San Stefano project covers a total area of 30,000m2, with a 170-meter seafront. The complex also has very accessible connections: it's only 3 kilometers away from Sidi Gaber train station - Alexandria's main train hub, 5km from the Alexandria airport and 10km from the city's entrance.


The San Stefano Grand Plaza is designed by Talaat Mostafa Group, this colossal complex optimizes quality ingenuity and originality in terms of design and features. The Design attempts to convey a Mediterranean style which could be seen in the building structure design, it also has a crescent-shape structure allowing for over 90% of its residential area to overlook the Mediterranean. When it comes to safety, the building has been designed and built in order to be capable of resisting earthquakes and strong winds. The Design of the building also gives the highest standards of privacy and comfort, it insulated buildings block out exterior noise and wavering climates, allowing residents to enjoy the view in general.


The apartment complex, consisting of eleven towers (each with 3 elevators). Apartments vary greatly in size; they begin with an area of about 131m2 and go up to 1,271m2 (on the second to twenty-ninth floor). To ensure the safety of its residents, all entrances are covered with 24-hour audio/visual surveillance cameras that are, in turn, linked to the main control room. Each apartment has a private entrance and is insulated to block all external noise. Furthermore, there are two swimming pools.

Four Seasons Hotel

The 5-star Four Seasons Hotel is the 4th Four Seasons hotel in Egypt and the first in Alexandria. With 118 guest rooms, the Four Seasons is the considered the largest and most luxurious hotel within the main Alexandria area. Each room has a private balcony, most of which have views of the Mediterranean. The rooms and suites, designed by Pierre Yves Rochon, are classically chic but also contain traditional Egyptian accents and spacious Roman-style marble bathrooms. The rooms vary size but all contain living and working areas with two single beds or one king bed.

The Private Beach and Marina

Stretching over 750 meters of Mediterranean seashore, the San Stefano Marina and private beach is a generous space allocated for sports and recreational purposes. The beach includes a marina for boats, a breakwater below sea level, cabins, restaurants and a casino. The beach is also connected to the main buildings of the Grand Plaza via an underground pedestrian tunnel. As of November 2009 the Marina and beach facilities are still under construction, as can be seen in the top picture on this page.


The San Stefano executive offices and conference suites have total area of 10,000m2 distributed over three floors.

Shopping Mall

The San Stefano mall houses about 180 retail outlets, a hypermarket, and a 10-screen movie theater complex.