San Sebastian - Metro Donostielda

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San Sebastian - Metro Donostielda

Metro as a connecting element.
The building of the new metro in San Sebastian Donastia will connect the people and the different areas of the city in a new way. It will set a new standard for the future of the town and its way forward. It will offer donastiarras and visitors a new means of public transpiration, and be a part of the future pulse of San Sebastian.

Design concept.
Our goal has been to design an entrance for the Metro Donostielda based on the following:
Openess. Open light structure, filter light at daytime, reflects light at nighttime
Identity. Refering to marine geometry
Iconic design
Flexibility. Same design adjustable to all stations

The design is based on a continuous movement from ground level to over ground, and visa versa.
The design element goes from being a ceiling structure under ground to create a roof structure over the stairs and up over ground. The structure describes the transition between the two states and connects the city life with the metro world.
Snøhetta has also in collaboration with Snøhetta Design made a proposal for graphic design, signing, urban furniture and lighting in connection with the entrance structure.

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