San Roque. Urban Cohesion Space

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San Roque. Urban Cohesion Space
CIVIC & COMUNITY SAN ROQUE. URBAN COHESION SPACE The damaged spaces into urban patterns, are opportunities for the social-economical growth of the cities. The site where San Roque, the multi purpose complex, is nowadays located was a strategic point to improve the urban cohesion of Portugalete. The disappearing of the former sports installations, useless after the development of the Sports complex Los Llanos, created a communication barrier between the two adjacent quarters, La Guia and El Ojillo. Instead of being a problem, this new hole meant a new chance to develope a leisure area in one of the most dense municipalties of Europe. Portugalete Council ,conscious of the urban potential in the new adquired space, presented the new Urban Revitalization Plan for San Roque Area into Izartu I schedule of the Basque Government.Was Izartu I where the new guide lines needed for a better cohesion between both quarters were set up.Between the activities made by the Council ,a concept competition was summoned to develope the multipurpose complex which included youth center (1.000 square meters), a social center for the elderly ( 1.500 square meters) and a big square which was expected to link adjacent spaces. The analysis of the place led to the need of suppressing the existing barrier and to convert the new project into a connecting space between La Guia , an outlying quarter away from the urban activity and El Ojillo ,main stage of the celebrations and shopping. Furthermore, after a strict orografic analysis, ensuring the accessibility in a city characterized by its differences in levels, was a priority The Concept of the Project was rised as a huge rock, as if the same rock where the building is located, was emerging. This stoned surface was settled down with terraces which look for meeting points into annexe streets and hollows where the new hermitage, parking access, commercial arcades and social center will be placed. The rock embraces all the Project´s provision except the Youth center which appeared as a solitaire diamond, a floating light glass box. The formal definition of the Square, following an organic language, was thougt to virtually enlarge Gregorio Uzquiano Street by leaving the building related bigger masses in Maestro Zubeldia street side, reinforcing its alignment.This solution presented both advantages: While bringing back to life Maestro Zubeldia street and bringing closer La Guia quarter to the activity center and it enlarged the space of the Gregorio Uzkiano street.


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