San Josemaría Escrivá Church

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San Josemaría Escrivá Church

Iglesia San Josemarí­a
Catholic Church of San Josemarí­a Escrivá.

Located in Joaquí­n Gallo No. 101, Lomas de Santa Fe , the largest extention of corporate and condominuim buildings in Mexico City.

The plot of land has an irregular shape with an area of 5,200 m2

The project of this commiunity center is composed by three connected buildings, the first one and the largest, 752.37m2 , is the Catholic temple, that holds 400 seated people, T

The interior height of the temple, is 17m and 25m from outside.
The complex has also a catholic catechism trainig center, and a crypt area with a small chapell that serves both the training center and the crypts, the second building is the residencie for the priests that serves the church and the trhird and last building is a residencie for the staff.

The entire design comes from the shape of the main building, (the church) formed by two curved walls that never reach . The origin of these “endless` walls, is the traditional symbol the fish from the first christians –an elypse- on the floor plan and develop to the top to become parallel -but still with out reaching- and take the shape of a cross bar, and while this two walls are shaping them selves to end pefctly parallel with each other, their development force them to twist from the floor plan shape of the fish, to the ceiling shape of the cross bar, revealing a third symbol: The infinit. All this leaving an interior height of 17mts.

The rest of the buldings are offset from the main building, forming curve and adjacent bands in both sides of the building. The first band on the west side is the atrium, big square with a line of trees that intersect the next band ,that is formed by a fountain, the line of trees that come from the atrium intersect the fontain and emerge from the water and break the sky reflection.

All the sapaces ore bands that come radial from the temple, are connected by a skyligth that perpendiculary intersects the paralell skyigth left by the curved walls forming a cross, wich happens to be the main and most popular crhistian syumbol leaving a skyligth cross that makes a cross light on the curch floor depending on day time. You can actually get the daylight cross exactly centered over the altar on the noon service in most part of the year.

The atrium is delimited in its majority by the fountain an the rest with a few steps that separates the square from the parking lot. Underneath this square and the church everything else happens, the trainig center with the lecture rooms, class rooms the chapell and crypt area.

The acces to the training center and crypt, is direct frome the parking lot, going down on the opensky stairs passing though to get to the under level, under the fountain, atrium and church. In this same lower level, also adjacent to the church, and connected by the skylight -seen from above , comes bands four and five containing the priests and their staff houses.

The two houses are in two levels, and in the top level we located the public areas of the house in both cases, they are connected in two points: One, frome the privet house street acces, all the way trought the training center, this is actually the corridor that shapes the cross bar that later meets the other on the church. And the other conection is by the shared kitchen, that serves both houses but located on the staff one. Beth rooms are located in the basement –second floor going down the stairs-. The original idea to locate the houses on a different lower level was to freeing up the view from the atrium and then, the only thing you can see from the atrium now trough the reflect of the sky on the water and the trees, are the roofs covered with granit gravel and plants, as a garden of the atrium freeing also the view beyond the houses that is a public reserved green area.

On the other side -the east side of the church-and also conserving the fish shape of the floor plan, there is only one band in two levels containing on the top, confessionals, the main sacristy, child room, babtism chapell within the temple, Underneath all this we located the chapell sacristy, that is much smaller than the main one, storage, a service elevator and part of the crypt area.


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