San Gennaro North Gate

We have been working hard this past month a large outdoor installation for The San Gennaro North Gate and it finally came up this Saturday! If you are in the city you can check it out on  Mulberry St. between Houston and Prince St. The piece was produced by our friends at Two Bridges (Thanks Joe!) and graciously supported by St.Patrick’s Old Cathedral. We collaborated with our good friends Ambre and Adrew from The They Co. who currated, organized, and permitted, and all around made the piece possible.

The geometry was engineered with our good friend Matt Clark at ARUP and all of the building connections were designed by Nathaniel Stanton of CRAFT Engineering. The piece would not have been possible without them. Big Thanks to everyone who volunteered and supported this huge effort.

The piece will be up until September 25th, 2011 so if you are downtown we hope you get a chance to check out the festival, play a little bocce ball, and let us know what you think about the installation!

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