San Felice da Cantalice a Centocelle

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San Felice da Cantalice a Centocelle

The Church of Saint Felix of Cantalice a Centocelle (Italian: San Felice da Cantalice a Centocelle, Latin: S. Felicis a Cantalicio ad Centumcellas) is a Roman Catholic titular church in Rome, built as a parish church, by decree of Cardinal Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani. On the 30 April 1969 Pope Paul VI granted it a titular church as a seat for Cardinals.

At present the Titulus San Felicis a Cantalicio ad Centumcellas is vacant, and has been vacant since 2009.


The facade has a painting depicting Saint Felix of Cantalica in prayer. The church is decorated by the works of the Franciscan Belluno Ugolino, which include the Madonna and Child with Saint Felix in the apse, and the Appearance of angels and Jesus in a vision of St. Francis in the transept.

List of Cardinal Priests
  • Stephen Kim Sou-hwan (30 April 1969 – 16 February 2009)

Building Activity

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