Samuel Beckett Bridge
 Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland, by Santiago Calatrava 

Santiago Calatrava’s Samuel Beckett Bridge was officially inaugurated in Dublin on 10 December. The bridge unites the north and south sides of the River Liffey, creating a link between the two regions. This is the second signature bridge that the architect has designed for the city of Dublin, the first being the James Joyce Bridge which was completed in 2003.
Commenting on the duo, Calatrava said ‘I was honoured when the Dublin City Council asked me to create two signature bridges over the River Liffey. Although both bridges would span the same river, I wanted each structure to have its own distinct identity’. Calatrava’s Samuel Beckett Bridge features four lanes, two for traffic with cycle tracks and pedestrian paths on either side, as well as room for trams; to be implemented in the future. To avoid disturbing maritime traffic, Calatrava also designed the bridge with the ability to rotate 90° horizontally, enabling ships to pass. The Spanish architect added that ‘By the time I completed the bridge in 2003, I had already begun to develop a deep affinity with the people of Dublin and I wanted my second bridge to celebrate that connection. It was my intention to give the Samuel Beckett Bridge the same characteristics as its citizens; warm, welcoming and gracious.'


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