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We live until recently the classic urbanism concept, considering public and participatory spaces closely linked with good living conditions. There was security, enough time, we didn't need much, we could be with our children, life rythm was less accelerated. Today, we work more hours than we should, we sleep less, we live together less. We live now, other times: "Modern Times". The man is recycling, as well as nature: flower gardens on slabs, trees laden with fruit in the porous enterprises spaces, public areas surrounded by fences, fallen. Instead of the past blistering heat, there are air-conditioned spaces for housing, work and even leisure.Displacements are in smaller number and distance as possible. In Brazil, the economy is stimulated by generating opportunities of social mobility, of power consumption and access to opportunities strengthening. From this comes the struggle for dense urban areas, where the infrastructures are under-dimensioned, traffic congestionated, noise disturbative, the air compromised and insecurity is a constant threat. It behooves to us, architects and planners, the constant search of urban environment upgrade. Understand society in all its extension, because on their cities depends, and they are the most dynamic component and transformer of the same. Today more than ever, "time" is an existence, an unity that cannot be wasted and should be used wisely. This is the Salvador Prime synthesis, inserted into the Salvador's business and financial core: the Metropolitan Center. Based on this, this project has been carefully crafted, from land coice, to the smallest details. The idea came from a methodological process of analysis about Salvador demands and its residents lifestyle. With regard to dare and bring to market a differentiated product, endowed with the greatest number of questions relevant to today's consumption centers, there were feasibility studies, until make positive the final product scaling. The complex basis is formed by a mall intercomunicating, with independent residential halls through a covered gallery. Above the mall are the deck parkings and on these, the great common activities plan for entertainment, sports, leisure and services, in addition to garages. This set forms a large platform, where borns the iconic Salvador Prime four towers. Of the four towers, one are commercial and the three others, residential " two with 28 floors and one with 29, resulting in 1.190 units, of one and two bedrooms. Each tower has an individual playground with mezzanine. All apartments have been designed in a modular way, allowing maximum flexibility: you can agregate these units, vertically or horizontally. Having 17.000m2 was essential to meet the vast program. The conceptual brief, chose to focus in human interaction with the project environment, then was possible to think in many ways to translate the modern man desires, from simple to ulterior, and allow life without exposure to the inherent metropolises insecurity. The project composition respects the design basics principles, in way to form a language unity, differentiated only by their forms, but at the same time harmonized by the conjoint composition. We ballast in principles and components relevant to the viability assessing, flexible and fair to the community installed, in compliance with setbacks, orientation and focusing on external treatments, preserving user privacy, but at the same time, reducing the mass idea using transparencies and reflections. ACCESSIBILITY: Was opened a joint route linking the marginal of one of the most traffic avenue (Tancredo Neves), with the roadway system of the largest mall in Salvador (Salvador Shopping). There's access possibility to the building through the Tancredo Neves Avenue, or through the new route (Alameda Salvador), and both entrances are provided with access control. The playground was raised in relation to street level in order to deploy all leisure facilities and infrastructure, without affecting the park number, all with rotation system. The complex infrastructure, also minimizes the cars shifts demand. Yet, we pursue pleasure ensure the pedestrians displacement, in a continuous flow, through the visual enhancement, qualification of paving materials, providing security, respecting slope, fitting handrails and railings transparent to ergometry, and ensuring the strength of these to efforts. SUSTAINABILITY: In Brazil, in a general way, the sustainability discussion has gained strength in recent years, but still was incorporated into buildings, even with small scale. PONCTUAL INNOVATIONS: · LED lamps and magnetic induction; · Porcelain recyclable, certified by Ecolabel; · External coating in composite aluminum, tempered and laminated glass; · Slabs of wallboard; · Digital Locks; · Measuring individual electronic of gas, water and electricity; · Power meters placed in the shaft's in apartments service hall; · Vertical lines with electric armored bus like "Bus-way; · Underground raw water reservoir to capture rainwater and artesian well use " for all the non-human consumption; · Closed circuit television system " CCTV (strategic surveillance camera); · Presence sensors and energy-saving lightbulbs on the stairs and apartments halls; · Electrical heater accumulation type boiler; · Fire fighting system composed by automatic sprinklers (Sprinkler's), fire hydrants, central alarm and fire extinguishers; · Lighting rod Faraday cage using the hardware structure itself for grounding; · Polypropylene piping for hot and cold water distribution; · Substitution of: Aluminium polished by stainless steel, in staves; PVC by aluminum, in frames; Plastic by ABS, in switches; EPS by mortar, in decorative moldings; Cerâmica by porcelain; Stoneware tablests by resin or glass tablets.


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