Salmagundi Club

The Salmagundi Club, also known as the Salmagundi Art Club, was founded in 1871 in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York, in the United States. It currently is located at 47 Fifth Avenue. As of 2009, the Salmagundi Club has over eight hundred members.

For nearly 140 years, the Salmagundi Club has served as a center for fine arts and artists, conducting art exhibitions, art classes, demonstrations, and art auctions, and hosting many other events. It is also a sponsor of the United States Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP).


Originally called the New York Sketch Class, and later, called the New York Sketch Club, the Salmagundi Club had its beginnings at the eastern edge of Greenwich Village in sculptor Jonathan Scott Hartley's Broadway studio, where a group of artists, students, and friends at the National Academy of Design, which at the time was located at Fourth Avenue and Twenty-third Street, gathered weekly on Saturday evenings.

The club formally changed its name to The Salmagundi Sketch Club in January 1877. The name has variously been attributed to salmagundi, a stew which the group has served from its earliest years, or to Washington Irving's Salmagundi Papers.

Growing rapidly, and housed in many temporary locations, the club was at 14 West Twelfth Street for some years. In 1917, the club purchased the 1852 Irad Hawley brownstone townhouse at 47 Fifth Avenue between East Eleventh and East Twelfth Streets, constructing a large two-story addition in the backyard to house its main art galleries and billiard room. The building was designated a historical landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1969. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.


Members of the Salmagundi Club have included Thomas P. Barnett, Ralph Blakelock, James Wells Champney, William Merritt Chase, Frederick Stuart Church, Charles Dana Gibson, William Hart, Childe Hassam, George Inness, Jr., John LaFarge, Ernest Lawson, Frank Mason, Samizu Matsuki, John Francis Murphy, Howard Pyle, Will J. Quinlan, Harry Roseland, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Barbara Stadtlander, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Edward Charles Volkert, Jack Wemp, Stanford White, Richard C. Pionk, and N.C. Wyeth.

Honorary members have included Paul Cadmus, Schuyler Chapin, Winston Churchill, Buckminister Fuller, Al Hirschfeld, and Thomas Hoving.

Club presidents
  • Joseph Hartley 1871-1889
  • George W. Maynard 1888-1889
  • Charles Yardley Turner 1889-1883
  • Thomas Moran 1893-1896
  • W. Lewis Fraser 1896-1897
  • Alexander Theobald Van Laer 1897-1898
  • Robert C. Minor 1898-1899
  • Alexander Theobald Van Laer 1899-1900
  • George H. McCord 1900-1901
  • George Inness, Jr. 1901-1903
  • J. Scott Hartley 1903-1905
  • Alexander T. Van Laer 1905-1908
  • Henry B. Snell 1908-1910
  • Frank Knox Morton Rehn 1910-1911
  • Carleton Wiggins 1911-1913
  • Charles Vezin 1913-1914
  • F. Ballard Williams 1914-1919
  • Emil Carlsen 1919-1920
  • J. Massey Rhind 1920-1922
  • Hobart Nichols 1922-1924
  • W. Granville Smith 1924-1926
  • Franklin De Haven 1926-1929
  • Bruce Crane 1929-1933
  • Louis Betts 1933-1935
  • George Elmer Brown 1935-1937
  • Frederick W. Hutchinson 1937-1939
  • Gordon Grant 1939-1941
  • George Lober 1941-1944
  • Frederick K. Detwiller 1944-1946
  • Henry O' Connor 1946-1947
  • Silvio B. Valerio 1947-1949
  • Percy Albee 1949-1953
  • Russell Rypsam 1953-1955
  • Henry Laussucq 1955-1957
  • Junius Allen 1957-1959
  • A. Henry Nordhausen 1959-1963
  • Francis Vandeveer Kughler 1963-1966
  • Martin Hannon 1966-1970
  • John N. Lewis 1970-1976
  • Martin Hannon 1976-1977
  • Raymond R. Goldberg 1977-1979
  • Richard Clive 1979-1981
  • Carl L. Thomson 1981-1983
  • Ruth B. Reininghaus 1983-1987
  • Edward A. Brennan 1987-1990
  • Kenneth W. Fitch 1990-1991
  • Robert Volpe 1991-1994
  • Richard C. Pionk 1994- 2007
  • Claudia Seymour 2007-present