Saivu is a project for new gateways to Sjunkhatten National Park, a park with a special focus to facilitate children and disabled persons.

The project consists of three separate entrance areas with information boards, toilets, camp-fire places, seating, playgrounds, parking, toilets and other support program. There is also a possibility of shelters for sleeping and other activities connected to the separate sites.

Saivu is a traditional sami word for the portal to a mythical parallell world and we want the project to be that conceptual entrance to this world. The main element of the project is a construction system of wood and canvas loosely based on an interpretation of old sami signs. The construction system will give a common expression to the elements in the park while making it possible to meet the challenges of the different sites. There is a large information disk made of a metal material. This disk will contain information about the park and can also be used independently of the gateway constructions.

1st place in invited competition 2011.

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