The Sager House (Swedish: Sagerska huset) or Sager Palace (Sagerska palatset) is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden at Strömgatan 18 in Sweden's capital Stockholm.

Location and Environment

It is located in Stockholm's borough Norrmalm in the street Strömgatan on the North side of the Norrström river between Rosenbad, the Government Chancellery (in the West), and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (the former Arvfurstens Palats) and the Royal Swedish Opera on Gustav Adolfs torg (in the East). It lies across from the Riksdag building (on the island Helgeandsholmen) and the Royal Palace (on the island Stadsholmen) and it connected with them over the Norrström river through the Riksbron and Norrbro bridges, respectively.


The first historical records of a building on the site are from the 1640s. In 1880 the property was purchased by the Sager brothers and in 1893 Robert Sager had the palace remodeled and a new floor was added. At this point the house got the French rococo style that it still has today. The palace was owned by the Sager family until 1986 and in 1988 it was purchased by the Swedish state to be turned into the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden. Formerly there was no official residence for the head of government. The first Prime Minister to use the building after an extensive renovation for its new use was Göran Persson (1996-2006). Fredrik Reinfeldt moved in after the Swedish general election, 2006.


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