Saemangum Exhibition Center

Saemangum is the name for the newly reclaimed area on the west coast of Korea by the architecture and urbanism firm poly.m.ur. It has been the country’s most anticipated reclamation project of recent years and promises enormous new opportunities for cultural commercial developments in the region. The brief was to provide an exhibition space to commemorate the completion of the work and showcase the visions and plans for this new land. The concept of the design was inspired by the lost mud flat in the area as the result of reclamation. Analogous to the mud flat, the building was designed to act as a ‘living field’, which breathe environment, programs, and activities.

The ‘breathable roof’, is penetrated by lights, air, movements, visual connections, vegetation, etc. providing continuous interactivity between inside and outside, and between floors.

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    A state of the art green city. World class architecture and design. Reclaimed land. a Truly future city.
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