Saatchi&Saatchi Office
This project for world-known advertising company of an architectural bureau "NEFAresearch" interesting at least to the fact that the building which had to operate in the true sense is a monument of architecture. The ancient mansion well known so that the 30-ies of last century, before there lived a famous literary critic Vissarion Belinsky. And in soviet period mansion housed the mission of the "Red Cross" (this is still recalls left on the facade of the red cross symbol). However, if you save all the outside, like a hundred years ago, the inside are different. The Grand Staircase at the entrance, has remained virtually untouched. Its a little cleaning, make up, but left all the signs (potholes, cracks) of its venerable age. For lighting installed futuristic lamps on both sides. And under the old stucco ceiling, it was decided to retain and restore. Climbing the stairs - inevitably find yourself in the hall - and the main point of attraction, it is the reception desk, a red frame design, which is a great sign of «&» - a symbol of the company. The walls behind reception desk is decorated carved wooden panel - a unique piece of interior decoration is also kept from the old times and restored. The greater part of the first floor is the work space. To increase the height of the ceilings had to demolish all the attic space and open the old wooden beams. Main finishing material used to create original jobs - thick sheets of polycarbonate honeycomb.


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