Royal Signals Museum
The Royal Signals Museum is a military museum based at Blandford Camp northwest of the town of Blandford Forum in Dorset, England. The museum is the United Kingdom national museum of army communications. It presents the role of communications in wars and military campaigns over the last 150 years. The Royal Signals Museum was originally founded in Catterick, North Yorkshire during the 1930s. It moved to its current location of Blandford Camp in 1967. A £1 million in 1989 enabled the construction of a new wing in 1995 and complete refurbishment of the exhibits, completed in 1997. The museum was reopened in its new form on 28 May 1997. The main purposes of the museum are to:
  • Provide educational resources for local schools and lifelong learning;
  • Preserve and display the heritage of the Royal Signals;
  • Present military communications from the Napoleonic Wars onwards;
  • Make research facilities available.