Royal Park Hotel, Toxteth

The Royal Park Hotel was a large, handsome public house and hotel situated on the corner of Admiral Street and North Hill Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, England. It was built in the 1860s1 as a three-storey building by the brewer Walkers of Warrington. In its heyday, The Royal Park was just one of five pubs that lined North Hill Street. The original name of the pub probably refers to the fact that Toxteth was a Royal Park.2

In the bar, a long bar ran the length of the pub curving at the end. Two other rooms had no bar and were served by waiter service. The waiter service disappeared towards the end of the pub's life.

Its name varied over the years (licensee in brackets)3:

  • 1881: Royal Park Hotel (Mrs Mary Webster)
  • 1894: Royal Park Hotel (Robert Fishlock)
  • 1911: Royal Park Hotel (Joseph Pantoll)
  • 1926: The Admiral Hotel (Henry Thomas)
  • 1934: The Admiral Hotel (Wm Henry Taylor)
  • 1938: The Royal Oak Hotel (Wm Henry Taylor)
  • 1946: The Royal Park Hotel (Cyril Burns)
  • 1955: Royal Park Hotel (Edward John Cook)

During the 1970s the pub was demolished, along with all the properties on the block including the Toxteth Masonic Hall, leaving an open space that is now part of a school.


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Coordinates: 53°23′18″N 2°57′52″W / 53.38832°N 2.96435°W / 53.38832; -2.96435